barbarA seidenatH

New work by jeweler / artist Barbara Seidenath at the Sienna Gallery. Pieces are stone, enamel and photo decals. It closed in December, but you can still see the beauties online.


I love this tee by Cubist Literature over at Supermarket.

"French text:
“Moi, je veux te dire que je ne te quitterai jamais. Et puis, si tu es triste, je pourrais toujours te donner un peu d’alcool pour te rechauffer le couer. xo”

Basically this means that I’ll be there for you always. And I’ll get you drunk when you’re sad."


Rothko Glass

Imagine spring cocktails in these Rothko glasses from Vitreluxe. Because, I swear, spring IS coming people.


Beautiful Taika mugs by the Finnish illustrator, Klaus Haapaniemi over at Abodean. Only $20 a piece.


Ban.do Fleurs

Oh these corsages from Ban.do just scream spring. love it.

Eye Spy

I love these letter playing cards. Reminds me of taking an eye exam, but in a nice retro kind of way.


Surrealist Prints

These collages by KC Trommer are fantastic and remind me of when I study Dadaism and Surrealism as an art history major. I really want the kitten one. Shop on her etsy site or visit www.kctrommer.com to see more work and poetry.

Henry Road Furniture

Oh I envy those who get to take these pretty pieces from Henry Road home with them. Their shop is amazing. If I had a shop, that's what I'd want it to be like.


Anne Sportun

Beautiful one-of-a-kind rings by Anne Sportun.


Jak + Jill

Jak +Jill yet? You should because the photography is beautiful. Such as this very chic look above.


Dining with Country Living

I saw this photo at Country Living a while ago and put it in my inspiration folder. I wish I was together enough to make my place settings look that elegantly mis-matched.


Little Leaves

We are now the owners of a very looooong dining room table, which is a bit tough to find a cloth for (I've taken to making ours), but isn't this one cute over at Uncle Bunk's Trunk?


Rainy Ramey

I am adoring these rain jackets from Rainy Ramey. Available short and long. Cute site too.


Gaga for Cookies

These Lady Gaga cookies over at Fashionably Independent are AH-MAZE-ING. Do yourself a favor and go check them all out here.


Sneaks #3

Kids this might be the pair. I love the navy and pale yellow, they are Onitsuka Tigers by Asics