Chris Roberts-Antieau

I was so excited to get Chris Roberts-Antieau's new catalog in the mail last week. I love her work takes such a modern and clever approach to quilting. When we were gallivanting around shops in Portland, ME last summer I got to see some of her pieces up close and the craftsmanship is really beautiful. When I get my first big contract (it's got to be bigger than the ones I'm getting now) I'm going to spring for one of these babies. And if my dream of winning $139,000,000 in the megabucks comes true I'd buy one for a couple of certain people.

Here are a few of my favs:

I'd buy "I love waffles" for Sasso to hang in our kitchen. Because he really does.

I'd buy "Celebrity Mug Shots" for Alston cause we share People/Us Weekly and I know she'd appreciate this more than most.

I'd buy "Cloud Pictures" for myself cause this is one of my favorite things to do.

I'd buy "The Garden Dream" for my sister cause she hates the long New England winter just as much as I do.

I'd buy "Fast Food in France" for JBatt cause every food writer needs something like this.

I'd buy "Somethings are Best Expressed in Song" for Chad cause he truly knows this.

I'd buy "Feeling Sorry For Pluto" for Lisa cause she really does feel sorry for Pluto.

I'd buy "Do Not Taunt the Tigers" for my brother cause this seems like something my parents would have yelled at him when we were young.

"If I Had A Monkey" for 'Ris just cause.

I'd buy "Car Singers" for my Mom cause this is exactly what our loooooong car ride from NH to FL looked like, Diet Coke and all. Except I think I was laughing.

So go check out Chris's site. It is fabulous. www.chrisroberts-antieau.com

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