There's a crow in the house

Funny story. A few years ago I walked into our apartment and even though Sasso hates it I always wear my jacket inside until I warm up a bit. I walked into the studio. I heard flapping. I turned around and looked through the double sliding doors into the living room. There was a HUGE black crow sitting on one of the surround sound speaker wires. I quickly shut the door, and pulled my hood tight over my head and around my face. I MUST be hallucinating, I mean how does a crow get in the living room in February?

Alas, I was not. I watched him fly about the living room. I ran for it and opened all the windows, visions of the movie Birds racing through my mind. He flew out eventually.
I'm not one to be afraid of birds, I think I was more afraid of how weird it all was. Everyone thought I was crazy and must have made it up. An eventually I thought I must have dreamt it or something.
...until months later when I was cleaning the top of the bookcase under the speaker, and there lay a pile of bird poo. I was vindicated (and not crazy).

I think Stephanie Metz's Felt Crow Sculpture is a great reminder of this strange tale... it will be added to the softie list!

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