Earplugs. Seriously.

This post is dedicated to my neighbors (and their dogs and their sleeping babies). Here is the scene: a VERY quite neighborhood in Boston, dead end street, bordered by a huge park. Car alarm going on and off for about an hour and a half. Woman desperately pushing every combination of button on her key fob. Shooing away the police man assuring him the garage is on the phone. Taking calls from neighbors and apologizing. Trying not to break down in frustration tears. Um... that was my afternoon yesterday. Our car is now sitting at the VW garage far, far away, silent I'm sure.
I'm sure everyone would have wanted these earplugs yesterday. Kind of beautiful, actually. This website sells all sorts of ear plugs and they have trial packs. I am a big fan of earplugs and always bring them when I travel (you never know where you'll end up sleeping). Check out the plugs here.


Jessica Sutton said...

wow, who knew there were so many variations!! some look kinda dirty... ;)

Jessica Battilana said...

Did you know that happened to our old VW? Back when we lived on Chilton Street in Cambridge, so quiet and peaceful. Our car alarm went off every half hour all.night.long. Finally I just unlocked the car and hoped it didn't get stolen. It turned out it was a pinched alarm wire...but when we picked it up, the car repairman said, "you weren't kidding! It was going off every half hour."

Yup. I feel your pain!

Keyse said...

Sorry lady ;( The ear plugs that look like screws are the best! They dont block out the sound like other plugs yet protect your ears